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Website is termed as the face of any organization on the World Wide Web. Your website is basically an interface between your organization and the globe. It helps you stay connected 24 - 7 and with just a click you can reach anywhere.

Vtexsa assists our customers step by step from conceptuality to content development and all the way through practicality issues.  We utilize the best technology to give our best to our clients.  We are aiming to exceed the limits of knowledge and technology with uniqueness in art, science and the advocacy of society.

Brand identity is not just a prety logo, it is the definition of an organizations ability to provide customers what they believe is being promised.  As our society turns to the web for information content, goods and more importantly services, your brand identity becomes inevitably linked to the web experience of your site's vistors.

Vtexsa has contracts with non-profit organization businesses and individuals.

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Milwaukee Inner-city Congregations Allied for Hope (MICAH) is a multi-racial, interfaith organization committed to addressing justice issues that have an impact on the community and on the members of MICAH congregations. MICAH’s goal is to empower people to act together in pursuit of justice, and to organize so that people of many traditions can come together to speak with one voice for justice. MICAH deals with many issues.

Individual congregations become active and visible participants regarding matters of safety and on matters that affect the quality of life in their neighborhoods.MICAH congregations have come together to close down drug houses and local establishments where crime once flourished. They have established “safe zones” and Holy Ground around congregations, created opportunities for neighborhoods to work together, and have strengthened relations with public officials and city services to effectively deal with issues to improve our communities.

MICAH’s issue committees take on matters that are of interest to the entire city. Through its affiliation with WISDOM (including congregation-based organizations in Racine, Kenosha, Beloit, Green Bay, Waukesha and Appleton), MICAH is effectively dealing with regional and statewide issues. MICAH’s motto is taken from the Biblical prophet Micah, “To Do What Is Just.” MICAH’s tools for ensuring justice are education, training and action.

Visit, download or share this app to aid in their journey to help the community.




Novaj's artwork is influnenced by Boris Vallejo, Todd McFarlane, Tetsuo Hara, Katsuhiro Otomo, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Marvel Comics and DC Comics. This artist is a self-study that mastered the media of ink rendering.


He also reproduces his artwork on posters, mugs, canvas, and more.


You can contact Novaj here.


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